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Fairies of the Web


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Fairies of the Web are 'International'
Founded: Nov 3, 2001.) 

We are a fun and very friendly group who enjoy meeting new people. 
We hope that you will also join the Fairy Social, our interactive part of the Site Ring. 
What better way to have fun and to interact with your fellow fae.

See where all the Fairies are.

Here are some of the countries that we are located in
austraila- germany united_kingdom america netherlands phillipines russia brazil

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Our Newsletter is different than the Fairy Social, this only goes out on special occasions, or about once a month, and gives updates, new members who have joined, information on what is happing, new and currently
going on, within the group.

And other tid-bit information...

To receive our Newsletter, you must join the Fairy Social
Only Fairy Social members will receive the Newsletter.

It will only go out the the group e-mail


Storybook Christmas
A Storybook Christmas
Fairies of the Web

My Gifts from the Fairies

My Fairy Gifts

 Please sign our guest book and let us know you were here.
Thank You


I Believe!!!

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