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Hi, I'm Pixie!! "I hope you enjoy my page."
10/21/03 7 weeks old


"this is how I looked when I first came to my new home"
born: August 30, 2003
received: October 14, 2003

Sire: Shipley's Skipper     Dam: Marr-Fannie
Breeder:  Edmunds Kennels

Pixie is a AKC registered West Highland White Terrier
AKC name: "Pixie Queen"


[Journal is updated with the newest entries first, older entries last]


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~*~ Pixie's Journal ~*~

December 6th

"Momma's put a tree in the house.   She is so great!!!
Wow, my own tree in the house.
Wait !!  What is this?  What is she putting all over my tree?  Oh!   Toys!!!!

Oh, wow!!  My tree looks so pretty!!!
Thanks Momma!!!"

ChristmasTree 2003.jpg (72198 bytes)
Hey!!  Why did she put up a fence in front of my tree?
Now I can't get under it or reach my presents!
Not fair Momma, not fair at all!!!


December 5th

"When we came home from Nana's, all the cats, KC, Speckles, and Noel were there, but not Rudy.
Momma thought perhaps in the morning that maybe he was out sleeping somewhere.
He didn't come back the next day, or the day after that either.
I miss him so much, none of the other cats around here will play with me like he did.
Momma says that she is sad, too. 
Rudy doesn't ever go anywhere and she doesn't know why he would disappear.
She has looked everywhere to see if he had been hurt or something,
I sniffed all over as we walked but couldn't find he either.
I miss Rudy very much."

November 30th

"We took a long car ride to somewhere called Nana's House in North Carolina."
Don't really know where that is but it was a great place.
We had a great big room downstairs, Momma says it was like a small apartment,
what ever that is, there was a kitchen where I could eat yummy stuff when Daddy was eating.
I learned how to go up and down stairs all by myself, too.
Gretchen, a Terrier-Snauser mix, lived at 'Nana's House' and her cat-sister Missy.
She wasn't very friendly to me, but I liked to bark at her anyways.
Gretchen's human, Nana, was so wonderful, I liked her very much.
She has great hugs and kisses.

There were a lot of people that came for a 'Thanksgiving Dinner' thing,
I had to stay down stairs by myself and that wasn't much fun,
that's when I learned how to climb the stairs. 
I figured Momma wanted me to get to the top before I could come out.
When I got there I was so tired, I took a nap. 
When I woke up, Momma had opened the door and was so happy to see I had made it
I got to come out.  Everything smelled so good and I found Daddy,
he had a plate and was very happy to see me.
Oh the meats were yummy, bites of turkey and ham.
I also found out I had a Aunt Holly who lives in California, a Maw-Maw who lives near Nana,
Momma's sister and grandmother.  Nana is Momma mom.
Boy all of that is confusing to me."

"Anyways, here they are with Gretchen. 

I liked Gretchen, she had some great toys to play with and
would let me run after her and didn't mind when I tired to jump up
and play with her, she would play back sometimes, too."

HollyMomGretch.jpg (83366 bytes)
{This picture was taken in the summer, but it was one of Gretchen that Momma could find.}


November 3rd

"I went to the vet today, the shot hurt a little bit, but I tried to be brave.
Momma loved me and made me feel better."
The Doc said I gained 1.2lbs, which was real good.
("so is that food Daddy sneaks me when Momma isn't looking")


"I love to run in the grass ... it is so cool and tickles my belly"
"he-he ... that tickled"


"Momma took pictures of me when I was sleeping. 
I don't think that was fair!  I had nothing to say about it.
And look how silly I look - she could have gotten a more dignified pose of me."

"awwww ... look at her sleeping" "so cute!!!"
I was really tired from playing outside - and sleeping really good, too.
Until this bright light went off in my face.

"ahhh .. now this feels good!!!"
But I was able to go back to sleep, onced I moved.


October 28th

I have discovered a really fun game ... Ball !!!

"caughtcha" "it may not fit but I can still bark" "oh, that's Big Bird, not Momma" "here Momma, throw it again"
"Momma will throw the ball and I get to run and bark after it. 
I catch it and carry it back to Momma ... I can almost get it all in my mouth.
Momma thinks it is so cute when I bark with it in my mouth."

October 27th

"Daddy ... can't you see me?" "Can you see me now Daddy?"
"I just love Daddy ... I act really cute when he is eating
and he will give me a little bite.
Momma tells him not too .... ha!!!"

October 25th

"After a hard morning playing, I enjoy sleeping beside Momma's chair.
It is even more special when her blanket is hanging down for me to sleep with."

October 20th

sitting pretty

"I know this is silly, but both of my ears are standing up today.
One has been a little floppy, but not anymore.

Momma sent out her AKC papers today - with my official AKC name:

"Pixie Queen"
Wow,  I am Royality and I sound important, too!!!

Momma and Daddy are building me my own doggie area.
When they build it, it will be called,
"Gardenia Hollow Kennels".

I like the sound of that.
We have a nice small meadow out back where Momma is going to

build it and plant gardenia bushes.
I have 5 or 6 gardenia bushes in the front already, that I play in,
but they want to put my own area out back,
in the small meadow just off the backyard's edge.
I like that area too, it has lot's of high grass that is so fun to run thru.
Momma is takling about getting me a friend next year and
we would have a fenced in area
that is safe to run and play, without the leash!!!
Good! I like to do that best and having a friend would be fun, too.
I would like to have a friend to play with now,
but I don't think I could share Momma.
When I am a year old, maybe then, just not now."

"all ready for belly rubs"
"OK, the cat has walked away ... now I can play!"

{protecting Momma's chair}
"I just love my little bed ... especially when it is beside Momma's chair."

{on the hunt ...}
"whatcha think of my harness?"
"I don't know if I like it ... but I think I look really cute wearing it."


October 16th

"now this feels so good"
"Seems that this stuffed-Westie critter makes a great cuddle buddy, after all.
Maybe I was too quick to chew him for being in my bed."

October 14, 2003

"whoa! - what was that bright flash?" 
"Forgive my appearance, but I was busy playing when my new momma took my picture.
When I got home, I found my very own room with my own bed and some toys to play with, too.
There was a Westie looking critter that was in my bed, but I had to chew him real good - that's my bed!"

All ready !!!
Pixie's Journal begins....


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